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100 Seconds CPS Test - Challenge Yourself to Click for 100 Seconds

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The click test, also referred to as the click speed test, offers an accurate indication of your clicking speed. In the 100-seconds click test, you must click as quickly as possible in 100 seconds when the timer starts. The highest record for playing the game throughout different periods is 100 clicks per second.

Why Playing 100 Seconds CPS Test is Helpful?

The CPS test has recently become popular online, and you may think of it as nothing more than a simple game played for fun. However, it provides more than just amusement; it also aids people in reducing negative emotions like tension and rage. This tool is used by many people as a stress reliever and a way to compete with others. It may be played online and is played using CPS clicker software.

Playing the Complete 100-Second Duration:

To play the click counter game, just do these few things:

Step 1: Navigate to the website’s 100-second test page.

Step 2: After the game interface has been shown, click the start button to get started.

Step 3: Immediately after clicking, quickly click inside the allotted 100 seconds to start the game. The time left will be displayed by a timer on the side.

Step 4: The individual’s overall score and CPS score in 100 seconds will be displayed when the allotted time has passed.

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