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08 Best Auto-Clicker Apps for Android Without Root in (2023)

Auto clickers for android

Finding solutions to reduce time and boost efficiency is essential in today’s fast-paced environment. Auto clicker apps can be quite helpful, whether you’re a gamer or just want to automate monotonous tasks on your Android device. Not only for Android, auto-clickers for Minecraft and Roblox both assist the user to ace.


To access these apps, not everyone wants to root their Android handset, though. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 Android auto-clicker apps that don’t require root access. Let’s get started and learn about the apps that can increase your productivity.

Auto-Clickers Without Root:

The term “Android auto clicker without root” describes an auto clicker program that can be downloaded and used on an Android device without the need for the device to be rooted. Gaining “root access” to the operating system, which enables users to make system-level modifications and obtain access to restricted functionality, is the process of “rooting” an Android smartphone.


Some auto-clicker apps need root access to operate effectively because they need more privileged access to the system files and processes on the device. But there are auto-clicker programs that can function without requiring root access. These apps automate clicking operations by using screen overlay permissions or accessibility features made available by the Android operating system. These auto-clicker apps allow a broader spectrum of Android users to use them without having to change or modify their device’s operating system because they don’t require root access. For users who prefer not to root their devices or who might be unsure of how to root them, this makes them more available and practical.

List Of Top 8 Auto-Clickers For Android:

Here are the top auto-clicker apps for Android phones.

  1. QuickTouch
  2. Auto Clicker
  3. Click Assistant
  4. Macrodroid
  5. AutoInput
  6. E-Robot
  7. Automate
  8. Game Master – Automatic Clicker – Tapping  

1. QuickTouch:

Introducing QuickTouch, an Android auto-clicker app that resembles Click Assistant. Similarly to that, QuickTouch has a handy floating control bar, supports screen swipes, and functions without a hitch with a full-screen program without the need for root access.


While QuickTouch may not have a wide range of extra capabilities, it excels at automating activities, which is what it was designed to do. QuickTouch can provide quick, delayed, or randomized taps, as needed. You can modify the app’s settings so that it launches along with other apps on your smartphone when you first launch it.


You won’t need to frequently use the app after setting up your chosen configurations because QuickTouch will seamlessly carry out its automated tasks unless you want to make modifications to your preferences.

2. Auto Clicker:

If you’re looking for a simple and user-friendly auto-clicker app, I highly suggest Auto Clicker. This software can handle a variety of activities, such as repeated clicks, multiple points, and distinct swipes. With its straightforward and user-friendly interface, Auto Clicker makes it simple for customers to set up their desired setups. The program also includes a global timer feature that lets you set a time limit for how long it should run.


The hallmark aspect is that Auto Clicker can operate successfully without root access. The app will function without a hitch as long as your Android device is running at least Android 7.0. You may provide it access by simply permitting it.

3. Click Assistant:

The Click Assistant app can help automate this repetitive action if you find yourself tapping or clicking on your Android device’s screen for a lengthy amount of time and free up your time for other pursuits. This app supports pinch and curved swipe automation in addition to click automation.


With Click Assistant, you can adjust the duration of the loop, the distance between these movements, and the size of each tap. It’s also simple to set up accurate pointer locations inside a game or other software since you can load, save, and use scripts that automate your gestures. Click Assistant’s user-friendliness is one of its strongest characteristics; you don’t need to root your smartphone to use it. Setting up pointer positions on specific locations is made easy by the app’s floating control panel, which lets you utilize it while running other apps.


The anti-detection function of Click Assistant is an additional benefit. This feature enables the program to click randomly on a radius that you can adjust, albeit it might not be able to avoid all games.

4. Macrodroid:

Although it might not be designed expressly for clicker games, Macrodroid stands out as a very user-friendly method for automating tasks on your Android smartphone. You may simplify several features on your device, including Wi-Fi, data use, profiles, and more, with just a few clicks.


The main allure of Macrodroid is found in its endless automation potential. You’ll notice the app’s undeniable ease after you become used to its UI. Using a step-by-step methodology, Macrodroid enables you to construct “macros” that effectively carry out activities on your Android device. You have the option to create customized macros for your particular needs while still having access to the app’s library of pre-designed templates.


It would help if you first chose a trigger that launches the macro before you can proceed. The actions that Macrodroid can automate are then available in a wide variety. The app offers a thorough automation experience with more than a hundred predefined actions at your disposal.
Macrodroid, a free auto-clicker for Android, provides several limitations that let you specify the timing of the macro’s execution. You have the freedom to customize the automation to your own needs and tastes thanks to the more than 50 possible limitations.

5. E-Robot:

E-Robot distinguishes out for having a wide variety of customizable and usable functions. The possibilities are essentially endless because of the extensive range of more than 170 events and 150 customizable actions.


Whether it’s running apps in multiple locations, connecting to particular Wi-Fi networks, or scheduling actions based on time, E-Robot excels at managing a variety of tasks with ease. The software offers a screen where users can easily check its effectiveness to ensure optimal functioning.


E-Robot’s capability to function without abusing your device’s resources is one of its benefits. The app guarantees compatibility with a wide range of devices and is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher. E-Robot also enables the execution of JavaScript and provides third-party assistance such as profile activation, action plugins, and Ipack icons.

6. AutoInput:

AutoInput is a fantastic auto clicker app for Android that works without the requirement for a rooted device. However, there is a crucial prerequisite: Tasker must be installed on your device for AutoInput to work because it is a plugin for it.


You must become familiar with different Tasker profiles and their features if you want to make the most of AutoInput. After installing Tasker and AutoInput, go to Settings on your smartphone, select Accessibility, and turn on Tasker and AutoInput.


Although Tasker is a paid app, you may use the two-week trial period to get a taste of what it can do. Additionally, AutoInput provides a seven-day trial so that you can determine whether it satisfies your particular requirements. AutoInput has received high marks from its user base, and I do not doubt that you will think highly of it as well. Know that learning AutoInput may take some work owing to its complexity, but once you do, you’ll have a strong tool at your disposal.

7. Automate:

The amazing program Automate enables users to design unique sequences by joining various blocks on a flowchart, enabling them to accomplish their desired results. Although it might not be specifically categorized as an auto clicker for Android, you can easily convert it into one with only a few settings.


When it comes to timing inputs or setting exact clicks for predetermined times, Automate proves to be very useful for a variety of tasks on your Android device. On your device, you can automate particular chores as well as access apps quickly, and do operations without interruption. You can easily complete a predetermined sequence of activities and automate the opening of a different app using this functionality.


Automate’s ad-free experience, which offers a streamlined user interface, is a noteworthy benefit. The app’s premium version, which is a generous offering, unlocks the use of more than 30 blocks.

8. Game Master - Automatic Clicker – Tapping:

As its name suggests, this program is at the top of the list of the best auto-clicking apps made for gaming. Game Master Android auto-clicker with no root requirement makes it unique. Additionally, the overall experience is improved by its user-friendly UI.


Simply click the “record” button to start recording your preferred motions. You have the freedom to choose the frequency and length of your taps. You have the option to reveal or hide the touch points at any time. It is also simple to change the clicks’ frequency. Placing specific targets on the screen lets you navigate your clicks with precision, making it a notable feature of this program. This functionality comes in handy while using the app for different games. Although some users may occasionally face crashes and restarts, Game Master offers a fluid and useful experience.


In conclusion, auto-clicker apps might be a very practical tool for Android users. You can simply automate monotonous chores and increase your productivity with these 8 best automatic clicker apps in Google Play for Android that don’t require root access. These apps offer a variety of features and customization possibilities, whether you’re a gamer or just want to save time. Select the appropriate one, download it to your Android device, and use it.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Are These Auto-Clicker Apps Compatible With All Android Devices?

Yes, most Android smartphones can use these auto-clicker apps without requiring root access. To make sure your smartphone is compatible, it’s advised to review the particular requirements listed by each app.

2. Are These Apps That Automate Clicks Safe To Use?

Yes, it’s safe to use these auto-clicker programs. Without endangering your device or posing any security risks, they are designed to automate clicks and other actions. To make sure you’re obtaining authentic and safe versions, it’s always crucial to download programs from reliable sites like the Google Play Store.

3. Can I Change The Settings For These Auto-Clicker Applications?

Yes, these auto-clicker apps have customization choices, so you may adjust the automation to your preferences. You can change the time between clicks, and the length of each tap, and even define particular triggers or conditions for the clicks. To learn more about the customizing possibilities each app offers, check out the settings and menu options.

4. Do I Need Any Technical Expertise To Utilize These Auto-Clicker Apps?

No, these auto-clicker programs are made to be user-friendly even for people with very little technological expertise. To set up and use automation capabilities, they offer simple interfaces and instructions. For a seamless experience, it’s usually beneficial to consult any user manuals or tutorials offered by the program developers.