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How to Middle Click on the Laptop? Master the Middle Click

The concept of a middle click may be confusing in the world of laptops, especially in the lack of a specific middle mouse button. But don’t be alarmed! Middle-clicking is possible and can be highly beneficial for various purposes. This comprehensive blog will show you various methods for achieving a middle button on the trackpad, allowing you to utilize this often-overlooked functionality.

What is a middle click and what does it accomplish?

What is the middle button of the mouse? A middle click, often known as a “middle mouse button click,” is an operation made with a computer mouse. It entails pushing the middle mouse button, which is located between the left and right mouse buttons. 


While the left and right buttons perform more basic activities (such as selecting, clicking, and dragging) such as the CPS test and other mouse tests, the middle click has unique and beneficial capabilities that vary based on the circumstances.


The middle click serves numerous purposes and has several applications:

Opening Links in New Tabs:

When you middle-click on a link, the browser opens the destination page in a new tab without leaving the current page. This allows you to browse the original page while the new tab loads.

Closing Tabs:

In many web browsers, the center click can be used to swiftly dismiss tabs. When you click on a tab with the middle mouse button on a laptop, the tab usually closes instantaneously, making it a practical way to handle several open ta


The center button on some mice can also function as a scroll wheel. You can scroll through online pages or documents without using the physical scroll wheel by pressing and holding the center button while moving the mouse up or down.

Paste Clipboard Content:

he center click can be used in some apps to paste clipboard content (text or images) directly into a document or field. This is a quick way to paste information.


Navigation in 3D programs:

In 3D design or modeling programs, middle clicking is frequently used to navigate within a 3D space. You may pan, rotate, and zoom in and out of the 3D world by holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse.

Tab Management:

Some web browsers and tab management extensions use middle-click capability for more advanced tab management, such as duplicating tabs or reopening closed tabs, in addition to just shutting tabs.

Methods for Emulating Right-Click on Your Computer:

If you’re wondering how to middle-click on a laptop touchpad, our 5 step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process with ease.

Method #1: Using a Regular Touchpad to Simulate a Middle-Click:

The steps for mimicking a middle-click on a conventional touchpad are as follows.

  • Navigate to Control Panel > “Mouse”> “Pen & Touch” to see if the OEM offers a middle button option.
  • If you don’t already have it, download and install the Synaptic Touchpad Driver.
  • Navigate to the Synaptic Touchpad configuration page.
  • Select “Middle Click” from the “Tapping” > “Tap Zones” > “Bottom-Left Actions” menu.
  • Synaptic Clickpad Properties.
  • Another method for middle-clicking on a touchpad is to press both buttons on the touch surface at the same time.

Method #2: Using a Non-Precision Touchpad to Enable Middle-Click:

Follow these instructions to enable the middle-click capability for laptops that lack a precise touchpad.

  • Go to the Start menu and type “Control Panel.” Choose the first search result that comes up.
  • Switch to the icons view in the Control Panel by clicking on the top-right corner and selecting “Large icons” or “Small icons.”
  • Look for the options “Touchpad” or “Synaptic.”
  • Locate the middle-click functionality setting and click to enable it.

By following these steps, you may successfully enable the middle-click feature on a non-precision touchpad, improving the usefulness of your laptop.

Method #3: Using a Three-Finger Tap Gesture as a Middle-Click in Windows 11:

Simply follow these steps to configure the three-finger tap gesture as a middle-click action in Windows 11.

  • Press the Start button and “I” at the same time to open the Settings menu.
  • From the sidebar, select “Bluetooth & Devices,” then “Touchpad.”
  • Navigate to the “Three-Finger Gestures” section and select “Middle Mouse Button.”
  • Your modifications will be saved once you click the middle button option. The three-finger tap gesture can now be used to perform the middle-click operation.

By following these steps, you will be able to customize the three-finger tap gesture for middle-click capability in Windows 11, improving your overall user experience.

Method #4: Setting Up a Four-Tap Gesture for Middle-Click:

The four-tap gesture is similar to the three-finger tap, except that it uses four fingers instead of three. Follow the steps below to activate this gesture on your smartphone.

  • Open the Settings menu in Windows 11.
  • Navigate to the “Bluetooth & Devices” menu, then to “Touchpad.”
  • Go to the “Four-Fingered Gestures” section.
  • Select the “Middle Mouse Button” option.

Following your selection, your preset gesture will be remembered, allowing you to smoothly use the four-tap gesture for middle-click tasks.

Method #5: Use AutoHotKey:

An alternative method for simulating middle-click capability on your computer is to use AutoHotKey. After you’ve installed this free software, create a script that includes the following code. By simultaneously pressing the left and right touchpad buttons, this script enables a middle-click operation

~LButton & RButton::MouseClick, Middle

~RButton & LButton::MouseClick, Middle.

Using Chrome and Firefox's Middle Button Actions:

When the middle click capability is enabled, the middle button option becomes an alternative to the Ctrl + Left Click combo. This handy option can be used in browsers like Chrome and Firefox to quickly open new tabs.


 For example, using the middle click on the back button opens the previous page in a new tab, whilst using the same action on the forward button opens the next page in a new tab.


This feature can also be extended to bookmark groups, refresh buttons, and other customizations, allowing for many useful tasks.


While laptops may lack a physical middle mouse button, there are plenty of alternatives for achieving a middle click without a mouse on a laptop. Whether you prefer the convenience of keyboard shortcuts, the simplicity of a two-finger tap, or the customization of third-party applications, the ability to middle-click on your laptop can substantially improve your productivity and browsing experience. 


Similarly, you must have a backup plan if your mouse clicks are not working. Experiment with these approaches to see which one works best for you, and start using the power of the middle click on your trackpad.

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