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How to Right-Click on a Chromebook? 4 Ways to Right-Click

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Chromebooks have grown in popularity due to their ease of use, speed, and dependability. However, for those used to standard operating systems, the unusual keyboard and trackpad layout may appear perplexing at first. One often-asked question among new Chromebook users is how to right-click without a mouse on the Chromebook, which is a key activity in navigating and engaging with the digital world. 

You can right-click on a Chromebook by tapping the trackpad with two fingers or by hitting and holding the “Alt” key while clicking. On recent models, you may also hold down the alt key and then click the trackpad. Each method displays a context menu with numerous options. We’ll walk you through all the methods of right-clicking on a Chromebook in this blog.

Why Do We Need to Use Right-clicking on Chromebook?

Using the right-click option on a Chromebook unlocks a world of customizable functionality suited to each program. When you right-click an element, a contextual menu containing exclusive choices not present elsewhere in the program’s interface appears. 

For example, within a web browser, right-clicking offers options such as printing the current page or inspecting its source code. To paste information from the clipboard, right-click on the target area, select “Paste,” or use the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut. This single step activates a slew of decisive actions at your disposal.

How to enable Right Click on Chromebook?

Read the following methods to know how to right-click on a Chromebook

Right-click on Chromebook using the Touchpad:

Chromebooks are precisely designed to support a touchpad interface, enabling simple clicking with finger touches. While this practice isn’t new to Mac and Windows users as you can right-click on MAC easily, the distinguishing feature is how the lower half of the touchpad works.


Unlike conventional computers, Chrome does not have a designated right-click region in the bottom right corner; instead, the entire lower touchpad area prompts a typical click reaction. Use the two-finger touch method to enable a right-click on a Chromebook. Place two fingers on the surface of the touchpad and softly tap it once to activate the right-click feature. When the contextual menu appears, your correctness is validated. 


However, a typical stumbling block occurs when your two-finger tap accidentally results in scrolling rather than right-clicking. This error is caused by lingering fingertips on the touchpad for a prolonged period. The trick is to conduct a quick, single touch with two fingers and then quickly raise them to precisely activate the right-click instruction.


Setting up Two Fingers Right-Click:

While Chromebooks natively enable two-finger tapping, this capability may fail to register in some cases. This might mean that the functionality was accidentally disabled. It is simple to reintroduce, as detailed below:

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu:

Begin by clicking on the WiFi indicator and clock in the lower right corner of your taskbar. The Quick Menu will be displayed as a result of this action. To enter the Settings menu, click the cogwheel symbol.

Step 2: Configuring the Touchpad:

Once the Settings box is open, scroll down until you reach the Devices section. Click on the Touchpad option inside this category.

Step 3: Make Tap-to-Click Functionality Available:

You may enable the tap-to-click capability by going to the Touchpad settings menu. This functionality should be implemented.

After this procedure, take the right-click test to ensure it’s properly working.

Right Automatic Clicking on Chromebook:

If manual clicking isn’t your thing, or if you have trouble clicking, Chromebooks provide a handy solution: automated clicking. This feature is part of Google’s effort to improve Chromebook accessibility.


To enable this feature, go to the Settings menu and then to the Device section. Then, go to the Advanced tab and select “Manage accessibility features.” Enable the “Automatically click when the cursor stops” function in the “Mouse and touchpad” category.


In the screen corner, a menu will display with cursor behavior adjustment options. Right-click functionality is represented by the second button from the left. When you click this button, your cursor will perform a right-click action when it comes to a standstill.


The interval is set to one second by default, however, you may alter this time under the menu options. To turn off automatic clicking, just uncheck the “Automatically click when the cursor stops” checkbox, returning manual control.

Right-click on Chromebook using the Keyboard:

Discover a keyboard-based alternative to right-clicking designed for folks who like to browse using keystrokes. While not a complete replacement for a touchpad, this method provides a smooth alternative. Follow the instructions above to ensure that tap-to-click is enabled.

To perform a keyboard-initiated right-click on your Chromebook, press and hold the Alt key. After that, tap the touchpad with a single finger. This action will be recognized as a right-click, causing the contextual menu to show for your convenience.

Right Click with Mouse:

Embracing the versatility of an external mouse on your Chromebook is a snap. Attaching it is as simple as connecting any other laptop. This method is helpful if your workstation has enough space to accommodate it.


Plugging a USB mouse into any of your Chromebook’s ports allows you to use it without difficulty. It works in the same way as a regular setup, with the right mouse button completing the anticipated activities.


If you have a Bluetooth mouse, you must link it to your Chromebook before using it. This first connection is required to ensure it works properly on your device.

How to disable Right-Click on the touchpad of Chromebook?

For individuals who favor a material touchpad experience, the Chrome operating system offers an answer for deactivating tap-to-click. This change takes care of conventional clients as well as forestalls coincidental touchpad communications that disturb the work process.

  • Start the Settings board by choosing the lower right corner. Click on the cogwheel symbol to get to the Settings page.
  • Explore the “Device” settings segment in the left sheet and continue to the “Touchpad” choices.
  • Cripple the “Tap-to-click” highlight, successfully executing the change. In this manner, a two-finger push on the touchpad becomes fundamental for right-click usefulness on your Chromebook.

Final Words

Mastering the fundamentals of right-clicking on a Chromebook may take some practice if you’re new to the platform, but if you’re comfortable with the trackpad movements and keyboard shortcuts, it will be a breeze. 


Chromebooks provide several methods to do the same task, whether you prefer two-finger touches, keyboard shortcuts, or the Assistant key. With this newfound knowledge, you’ll be able to use your Chromebook with ease, unlock its full productivity, and play games or click speed test unchallengingly. 

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