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Minecraft Color Code Generator - Change the Color and Style of Text

Millions of people adore the popular sandbox game Minecraft because it gives players a world of limitless imagination and opportunities. The ability to alter chat and text colors using color codes is one way that players can tailor their Minecraft experience. Players can use these codes to inject a splash of vivid color into their messages and server announcements.


Random color code generators for Minecraft have become indispensable tools for making the procedure simpler and more practical. Let’s discuss the world of Minecraft color codes and show you a color code generator that will enable you to express your creativity to its fullest.

Minecraft Color Code Generator:


Players in the immersive world of Minecraft can magically alter their communications using color codes. These scripts provide players the ability to alter the way in-game text appears, injecting color and style into player interactions. Players have access to many color schemes and formatting options within the expansive sandbox world of Minecraft, allowing them to add brilliant colors to their textual expressions.


Players must first use the section sign (§) and then a hexadecimal digit to activate a color code. Each numeral stands for a different effect or color, providing a myriad of options. Players can use brilliant colors to make their words stand out by deftly arranging the color code before the relevant text.


Even server announcements can be improved with bright colors due to these color codes, which go beyond individual messages. Servers can catch their players’ attention with visually arresting updates and information by using the color code (§) + followed by the specified hexadecimal digit.


When displaying the text, the color codes serve as instructions for the Minecraft client, signaling a color change. This method enables users to create enticing announcements and messages that are impossible to ignore.


Leveraging Minecraft color codes generator allows for a world of creative expression, whether you’re managing a busy Minecraft server or going on exciting adventures with friends. Players may add personality to their communications with only a few keystrokes, turning each encounter into a visually appealing experience.


Here is the table for your ease.

Minecraft Color Code

Let’s investigate the definitions of each code shown in the table below to obtain a thorough understanding of the color and formatting codes used in Minecraft:


The names of all the distinct colors found in Minecraft are listed in the “Color” column. Contrarily, the “Chat Code” is the code that must be applied when sending messages via the chat feature to apply a specific color. The “MOTD Code” also refers to the code used in the Minecraft Message of the Day (MOTD) function to produce the correct color effect. Last but not least, the “Decimal” and “Hexadecimal” values serve as the game’s numerical representations of the color.


Chat Code














Reset the default color



Making Use of Color and Formatting Codes:

As we previously covered, text may be changed in Minecraft using color and formatting codes. However, gamers must know how to use these codes properly. The section sign is a crucial element in the application of alterations. Let’s go over the procedures for bolding text in the chat window:

  • To type the section sign (§)on Windows, press Alt+NUMPAD2 NUMPAD1 or Alt+NUMPAD0 NUMPAD1 NUMPAD6 NUMPAD7.
    • Press Option+6 for a Mac.
    • Users of Linux may press Compose+S+O.
  • You can then type the code for the needed alteration after entering the section sign. Use the section symbol (§) and the letter “l” to make the text bold.

You can copy the section sign (§) character from this page. Please be aware that pasting might not function in conversations or world names.


Similarly to that, type “§e” to make the text yellow. This code may be utilized in world names, conversations, and signs.


You can use our rainbow text generator for Minecraft to make the process easier. Copy the necessary code, and then paste it into your Minecraft message after selecting it.

Minecraft Text Generator:

To ensure the intended effects are realized while utilizing color and formatting codes in Minecraft, players must take care. It’s important to pay attention to the codes’ order because it can change how the text appears.


Consider the following example: §dA§oB. In this instance, the letter A appears in the color associated with formatting code “d,” whereas the character B is italicized as a result of formatting code “o.” The outcome is different when the order is changed to §oA§dB, though. The letter A is currently in italics, while the letter B is displayed in the color designated by the code “d”.


To be clear, it’s crucial to apply the color code before the formatting code when utilizing both together. This makes sure that your Minecraft text displays the desired effects as intended.
Also, Minecraft has the ‘r’ code, which resets all text types. You can start over by going back to the default formatting options by putting this code in your text.

Server. Properties and pack.mcmeta:

To use color and formatting codes in the (MOTD), the section sign (§) must be changed to u00A7. For instance, instead of ringing the code 4, you must type u00A74 to make the wording in the MOTD red.


The complete list of MOTD’s possible color and style formats may be found in the table below. For best results, always apply formatting codes before color codes.


Official Name

MOTD code





Dark Blue



Dark Green



Dark Aqua



Dark Red



Dark Purple









Dark Gray















Light Purple



























Extra line


Also, these codes work with earlier versions of Minecraft. Change the section sign-in server. Properties to u00A7. The server will substitute u00C2 for the section sign if it is entered explicitly. Additionally, language packs may be used in conjunction with these codes. If certain characters are incompatible, they might show up in the MOTD as question marks.


Players can also give world names and server names distinctive colors by using programmers like NBTExplorer. Locate the servers.dat file in the. Minecraft directory to alter the server color. Find the Name attribute in the file, and then add the desired color code before the Name tag.


Beyond the MOTD, there are several uses for color and formatting codes. These codes can be used by gamers to change a variety of additional settings, including command blocks, world names, server names, and MOTD.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Is It Possible To Use Color Codes In Both Multiplayer And Single-Player Modes?

Yes, both the single-player and multiplayer versions of Minecraft support the use of color codes. But remember that some multiplayer servers can have guidelines or limitations on how color codes can be used.

2. Can I Use Color Coding Throughout Minecraft's Text?

In many areas of Minecraft, including chat messages, signs, command blocks, server names, and world names, color codes can be employed. Color coding might not be supported in some text places, such as system messages or user interfaces.

3. Are Color Codes Comparable Across All Minecraft Versions?

Most Minecraft versions, including earlier and more recent ones, support color codes. However, it’s always a good idea to ensure that some color codes work with the game version you are using.

4. Can I Design My Unique Color Schemes?

Hexadecimal values are the basis for the structured format used in Minecraft color codes. While it is impossible to invent brand-new color codes, you can combine existing ones in tricky ways to produce one-of-a-kind color effects.

5. Are There Any Tools Or Resources That Can Help With The Use Of Color Codes?

Yes, you can explore numerous color alternatives and create the associated codes using a variety of online color code generators and resources. These resources make it simpler to experiment and settle on the ideal color schemes for your Minecraft text.

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