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How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantments in Minecraft open up a world of adventure and excitement. But not all enchantments are desirable. Fear not if you come across enchanted things with negative enchantments or add the wrong enchantment when using an enchanting table. Enchantments can be easily removed in Minecraft. 


This guide will concentrate on the grindstone, which is a necessary tool for removing enchantments in both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. While there are alternate techniques for mod-based solutions, such as installing Forge, most gamers will not need to go that far. 

So, let’s get started and learn how to take enchantment items off your Minecraft equipment and weapons.

Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

The strategy detailed in this guide has been thoroughly tested on the most recent Minecraft 1.18 release. Feel comfortable using it in your game without having any problems. Firstly, we’ll discuss the procedure of making a grindstone in Minecraft. This tool will be essential in removing enchantments from the game.

Which Tool is Used to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft?

The trusty grindstone is the tool you need to remove enchantments in Minecraft. The grindstone is used to polish and enhance weapons and tools in the game, exactly as it is in real life. In Minecraft, though, it also serves the added goal of grinding away undesired enchantments off your equipment, whether it’s a sword or a carrot on a stick. 


Some gamers use the grindstone to get valuable experience points. But before discussing that, let’s have a look at how to get a grindstone in the game.

Getting a Grindstone in Minecraft

Grindstones can be found in villages near weaponsmiths’ homes or within weaponsmith shelters. If you happen to come across such a village, you can skip ahead and learn how to remove enchantments in Minecraft. However, finding these villages can be difficult. Alternatively, you can make a grindstone in-game by combining the following items:

  • 2 twigs
  • 2 (any wood) planks
  • 1 Crafting Table Made of Stone Slabs

You can complete the recipe by putting the wooden planks vertically next to each other in the crafting area. Now that you’ve prepared your grindstone, let’s get started on the fun process of removing enchantments and unlocking the full power of your Minecraft gear.

Making Stone Slabs: Essential for Grindstone Making

A stone slab is required for the construction of a grindstone. Fortunately, there are two alternative ways to gain stone slabs in Minecraft. However, both approaches necessitate the collection of stones in the game. Cobblestone, a plentiful block in Minecraft, can be converted into stone by heating it in a furnace.

There are two methods for creating stone slabs once you have gathered stones. The first option is to discover a community with a stonecutter, which is usually easier to find than grindstones. Working with a stonecutter will enable you to easily turn stones into stone slabs.

You may also use a crafting bench to make stone slabs. Simply put three stones in the crafting grid’s bottom row. This simple technique will give six stone slabs, even though Minecraft removing enchantments only requires two.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Grindstone in Minecraft

Follow these simple steps to make a grindstone using the following crafting recipe:

  • Activate the crafting table.
  • Place a wooden stick in the left and right cells of the first row.
  • Place a wooden plank beneath each stick in the second row.
  • Finally, in the third row, insert the stone slab between the wooden sticks in the center cell.
  • In Minecraft, following this crafting recipe exactly will result in the manufacture of a grindstone. When the crafting is complete, you can use it to remove enchantments.

Using the Grindstone to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft:

Simply place tools or weapons in the grindstone to remove enchantments. You can use either of the two columns on the grindstone, as illustrated in the screenshot below. However, make sure the other column is either empty or includes the same object. This procedure requires no experience, fuel, or time.


Using a grindstone to remove enchantments grants experience points, which are determined by the enchantment level and the tool’s quality. It’s worth noting that, except for Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing, all in-game enchantments can be erased. Unfortunately, there is no official way to remove these exact enchantments unless you use one of the Minecraft mods available.

Additional Minecraft Grindstone Applications:

Aside from removing enchantments, the grindstone in Minecraft serves various purposes. These are some examples:

  • Restoring the durability of weapons and tools by mixing two objects of the same type.
  • Through the act of merging, you can increase the overall maximum durability of your equipment.
  • By establishing a grindstone within a village, you can create weapon smiths, giving the community more functionality and diversity.

With the grindstone crafting recipe and its application in hand, you can easily remove enchantments in Minecraft. However, even without enchantment tools, there are countless interesting and innovative ways to improve your battle style. 


One method is to make Potions of Fire Resistance or Invisibility, which allows you to face enemies without engaging in direct combat. Furthermore, using the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds can bring additional benefits straight away. Minecraft provides numerous options for exploration such as to see the durability in Minecraft and to play games with the assistance of Minecraft auto-clickers.


Enchantments in Minecraft provide players with remarkable powers and skills, but the ability to remove or replace enchantments is also necessary for retaining gameplay flexibility. Whether you utilize the grindstone, enchanting books, or commands, each approach allows you to tailor your equipment to your individual needs.

Remember that experimenting is essential, and don’t be afraid to think can you take enchantment items off or find the right match for your Minecraft experiences.

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