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Being able to type swiftly and properly has grown crucial as more and more work is done on computers. To boost efficiency, employers are looking for individuals who can type quickly and precisely. Today’s world demands the ability to type, whether it be for academic or professional activities.


Typing speed tests allow you to see how quickly and accurately you can type. It allows you to keep track of your development and gauge how far you’ve come. You can take a typing speed test to find out where you stand in terms of typing speed.


Everything you need to know about typing speed tests will be covered here.

What Is The Typing Test?

A typing test is a tool for evaluating a person’s speed and accuracy when typing. Typically, it entails typing a predetermined group of words or sentences in a predetermined time. The words per minute (WPM) test, a measurement of how many words a person can type accurately in a minute, is used to convey the test results.


Typing assessments are available online, and they are used by people, institutions, and businesses to evaluate typing abilities and monitor development over time. For those who depend on typing for their jobs, such as writers, secretaries, data entry professionals, and programmers, they are crucial. A typing test is another approach to enhancing typing abilities because it offers fast feedback and enables targeted practice in areas that want work.

Typing Speed Test Of Different Intervals:

There are available typing tests for a different time duration ranging from one second to twenty seconds. Users who wish to improve their typing should take typing tests of all intervals since the shorter tests will prevent you from being fatigued at the beginning and the longer tests will allow you to keep your stamina up. There are six different typing tests listed here. Let’s talk about them all.

1-Minute Typing Test:

This test is an efficient technique to evaluate someone’s typing speed. The test consists of a brief paragraph or collection of words and the test-taker is supposed to type as much as they can in a minute. The results are then determined by how many words were accurately typed in the allotted time.

2-Minute Typing Test:

The 2-minute typing test is comparable to the 1-minute test but gives you additional time to type. The test typically consists of a little lengthier paragraph or group of words, and the test-taker must type as much as they can in 2 minutes.

5-Minute Typing Test:

The 5-minute typing test is a little trickier than the others because it demands greater endurance and consistency from the test-takers. A larger paragraph or group of words is typically included in the test, and the test-taker must type as much as they can in 5 minutes.

10-Minute Typing Test:

The 10-minute typing test is longer and calls for more focus and attention. The test typically consists of a longer passage or group of words, and the test taker has 10 minutes to precisely type as much as they can.

15-Minute Typing Test:

It takes more endurance and concentration to complete the 15-minute typing test than the 10-minute test. The test typically consists of a longer passage or group of words, and the test taker has 15 minutes to precisely type as much as they can.

20-Minute Typing Test:

The longest typing test currently offered is 20 minutes. It’s a longer test, so it calls for a lot of endurance and focus. The test often consists of a long passage or group of words, and the test-taker must precisely type as much of it as they can in 20 minutes.

Improve Your Typing Skills Today with Our Free Typing Speed Test!

Do you want to increase the accuracy and speed of your typing? Try our free typing speed test right away! Our test is simple to use, offers valuable feedback, and can help you get better at typing. Whether you’re a novice or an expert typer, our test can help you keep track of your development and push yourself to improve.

Why Choose Our Typing Speed Test:

You can evaluate your typing speed and accuracy using our WPM keyboard test. Our test is simple to use and offers immediate results. To meet the demands of everyone, we provide a variety of typing speed tests, ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes. We offer accurate and dependable results for our tests, which are free to use. The following are descriptions of some of the main components of a typing speed test:

1. Restart Test Hotkey:

With this function, test-takers can rapidly restart the exam without clicking or navigating through any menus. This is especially helpful if the test-taker wants to practice a certain passage or section.

2. Test With Several Intervals:

This feature gives you the freedom to select from many test time intervals. The customer is given the option to select the test length that best fits their needs and schedule.

3. Text Ahead Is Always On:

The test-taker can use this feature to always see the whole passage or text they need to input on the screen. It aids in mental preparation and reduces mistakes.

4. Personalize and Save Report:

With this function, a user can customize and save a report of their test results for later use. They can store their findings and track their development over time.

5. Customize Text Type:

The user can select from a wide range of intriguing and personalized texts to compose with this feature. The texts can be selected based on the user’s choices, profession, or interests.

6. Calculation of Correct Words Per Minute (WPM):

Based on the quantity of correctly typed words within a predetermined amount of time, this feature determines the user’s typing speed and accuracy.

7. Options For Color Highlighting:

This feature makes it simpler to spot mistakes and monitor progress by highlighting the user’s typing errors and the proper words typed in various colors.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Where Can I Test My Typing Speed?

While many websites offer typing speed tests, you can test your speed here on our website because we offer the best services.

2. What Is A Good Typing Test Speed?

Professional typists typically type between 50 and 80 words per minute (WPM). The definition of a “good” typing speed, however, might change depending on the individual’s typing objectives and the needs of their job. For instance, some vocations could need a faster typing pace than others. Good typing speed is defined as 60 WPM or more.

3. Why Is It Important To Take A Typing Speed Test?

You can evaluate your current typing speed and accuracy, as well as spot any potential improvement areas, by taking a typing speed test. People who frequently type at work or who want to increase their productivity may find this to be especially crucial. A typing speed test can also help you set objectives and monitor your development over time, which can be inspiring and rewarding. Users should also take another keyboard test such as the spacebar counter to know about the proper health of the keyboard.

4. Who Invented the Qwerty Keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes created the Qwerty keyboard in the 1870s. Sholes was a newspaper editor and printer who sought to design a typewriter keyboard arrangement that was more effective. The Qwerty keyboard layout, which was named after the first six letters of the top row of keys, was chosen after much experimentation by him and his colleagues.